Professional mixing and mastering is the best way to improve your sound. The vast majority of musicians today are producing their music from a home project studio, but don’t have the mixing experience or the tools to compete with professional studios. If you have found yourself attempting to mixdown your project only to find yourself unhappy with the results, it might be a good time to have someone else mix your song for you.

All work comes with a 100% money back guarantee. 

This has been part of my business model since 1991.

Simply send your session, or stems to me,  and I can have a mix and mastered project back to you within 3 days Test mastering and mixing is 100% free.

I provide inspired and accessible solutions for the modern recording artist. REGAIN FOCUS. I get it - as an artist, your attention is constantly divided. You're writing, playing, promoting, scheduling. You're running your own business. Timing is everything yet recordings last forever. Between Industry Recording Companies staff, we have almost 100 years of experience recording and producing original music, working day and night for over 3 decades. What do you need help with? No problem, we got it. Find out what it's like to have us on your music production team.

we do on-line mixing and mastering

We understand that your album project could run into the thousands. It isn’t uncommon to spend anywhere from $3000.00 to $30,000 just to get your project recorded, mixed and mastered.  Not only do you need to get your product finished but why about the videos, marketing, shows and rehearsals? It all adds up.


For years we have offered our label clients terms and financing  for their projects and it seems obvious we should offer the same service to our clients.  We have 2 options for our clients to choose from. Terms and financing.

So what is the catch? Why do you think there is one? You decide what service you need and fill out our application.  EVERYONE is approved. Yes, EVERYONE. For us to determine how much your downpayment will be a small amount of information will need to be collected.

we do on-line mixing and mastering

Additional Services

Guitar Pocketing

Guitar Re-tracking

Bass Re-tracking

Drum Replacement

Drum Pocketing

Vocal Tuning

Vocal Pocketing

Adding Additional Vocals

Adding Additional Instruments

Cleaning Up Home Mixes

Full Song Production:

  • Rap
  • Metal
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Rock
  • A Standard Mix includes the following:
  • I will work until the project is finished
  • All mix passes
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Vocal tuning
  • Pocketing
  • Single song mastering
  • Secure upload of masters


Select the package you are interested in and complete the form below or you can call me at 404.783.9103


Package A

Indie Artist  (full band): $500.00 per song

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Package B

Indie Artist Demo: $300.00 per song

  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Rap mixtape

Package E

Rap (2-track music): $100.00 per song

  • Recorded
  • Mixed
  • Mastered

Package F

Rap 2-track Mixing Only: $80.00 per song

Package C

Commercial Release: $500.00 - $900.00 per song

  • Mixed
  • Mastered

Package G

Recording Class: $300.00 per day

$150.00 down and $25.00 per month

Package D

Artist and a Single Instrument: $50.00 per song





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