Get your product [music, band, video or services] featured in our news letter.

We currently have just almost 9000 subscribers that we contact a minimum of 2 days per week. Over 15% of our subscribers are industry professions that can make you the next major success [in] the music industry.


Our newsletter is also published to all of our social media accounts which reach over 5000 friends and subscribers.


Not only do you get all of our social media and newsletter promotion you also are featured on our live shows each week.  You can have us mix or master your song on FACEBOOK LIVE or simply have an advertisement ran during the show.  This will be included as part of our media campaign.


We cannot make any promises as to how this can help your career.  Its all about you and your product.  Good product equals positive response on any type of advertising/marketing campaign.

We do not take just anyone.  If your music isn’t up to par we will not send it out.  Our name is also on your product and we do not want to be known for flooding peoples in-boxes with junk..


What do we need from you:

Contact Bob Sandifer [text or call] 404.783.9103


$75.00 per week

2 newletters

2 live broadcast

2 social media postings to all of our sites and groups