I will be doing a "blind" mixing contest.

I will supply the stems and you give me your mix by September 29th. at 12am est. It is that simple.  Wait...the mix has to be good and the session will be picked at random. It could be Rock, Pop, Country, Metal or even Rap/Hiphop. However, you might just luck up and kick ass on your first time mixing something in a genre you aren't familiar with.


What do you need to do to get the 2 1/2 bills from me? [$250.00 for those that are uncool]


  • • Have the the song back to me before September 29th 2018 midnight eastern standard time.
  • • Do not master the song. You need to give me about -6db so the session can be mastered at our place.
  • • NO limiter on the master out. However, a compressor can be used to sweeten up the mix
  • • You might have to pocket vocals and instruments.
  • • You might have to replace or add some instrument in the project.
  • • You are the Producer and Mixing engineer. Do what you gotta do to chart this baby


A number will be assigned to your mix and when we select the winner our studio manager (Deana) will send you the winning email. Don't worry folks. She actually returned an unscratched lottery ticket to the store she found it at.


The contest starts as soon as we reach 100 subscribers to a special mailing list dedicated to the contest.


The sooner you register the more time you will have on the mix.  If you need more information feel free to call me [bob] at 404.783.9103 no texting please. I will just block you. You can email me your mix directly at

The song will be selected at random.


Signup and good luck.